Best Chinese Restaurants in Boston

Looking for the best Chinese Restaurants Boston to eat at? Great! Top Chinese Spots is the go to resource for eating in Boston. On top of that, we’ve already done all the hard work for you. That includes filtering through the noise to provide you only the best Chinese Restaurants in Boston.

So how does this work?

We pick our top choices based on the quality of the food, service, and consistency over time. We’ll start off by giving you the best options overall for dining in Boston and then follow up with links to different types of restaurants in different neighborhoods at the end of this page.

Best Chinese Restaurants Boston


Equator Thai Restaurant – Boston

Equator Thai Restaurant Description: Inviting Thai eatery with eclectic menu. Booth seating & subdued lighting create a welcoming vibe at this Thai eatery also serving pasta. Address: 1721 Washington St #B, Boston, MA 02118, United States Phone Number: +1 617-536-6386 Website: Store Hours: Sunday: 4:30-9PM | Monday: Closed | Tuesday: 11:30AM-9PM | Wednesday: 11:30AM-9PM | Thursday: 11:30AM-9PM | Friday: 11:30AM-9PM | Saturday: 4:30-9PM

Rod Thai Family Taste – Boston

Rod Thai Family Taste Description: . Address: 94 Peterborough St, Boston, MA 02215, United States Phone Number: +1 617-859-0969 Website: Store Hours: Sunday: 12-9PM | Monday: 11AM-9PM | Tuesday: 11AM-9PM | Wednesday: 11AM-9PM | Thursday: 11AM-9PM | Friday: 11AM-9PM | Saturday: 11AM-9PM

Sunny Cafe – Boston

Sunny Cafe Description: Take-out friendly sushi burritos & more. Sushi burritos, poke bowls & more Asian-oriented eats in a simple cafe good for dine-in & take-out. Address: 1000 Bennington St East, Boston, MA 02128, United States Phone Number: +1 857-256-2188 Website: Home Store Hours: Sunday: 10AM-9PM | Monday: Closed | Tuesday: 10AM-9PM | Wednesday: 10AM-9PM | Thursday: 10AM-9PM | Friday: 10AM-9PM | Saturday: 10AM-9PM

Shojo – Boston

Shojo Description: . Address: Terminal C, Boston, MA 02128, United States Phone Number: +1 617-423-7888 Website: Store Hours: Sunday: 4-10PM | Monday: 4-10PM | Tuesday: 4-10PM | Wednesday: 4-10PM | Thursday: 4-10PM | Friday: 4PM-12AM | Saturday: 4PM-12AM

Sweet Rice Charlestown Thai Sushi – Boston

Sweet Rice Charlestown Thai Sushi Description: Small, simple digs for standard eats. Compact space for traditional cooking including pad Thai & other familiar fare in a simple room. Address: 187 Main St, Boston, MA 02129, United States Phone Number: +1 617-242-5232 Website: Store Hours: Sunday: 12-9:30PM | Monday: 11:30AM-9:30PM | Tuesday: 11:30AM-9:30PM | Wednesday: 11:30AM-9:30PM | Thursday: 11:30AM-9:30PM | Friday: 11:30AM-10PM | Saturday: 11:30AM-10PM

Crudo – Boston

Crudo Description: Sleek spot for sushi & Pan-Asian plates. Sleek bi-level spot swathed in reclaimed barn wood serving creative sushi & Pan-Asian small plates. Address: 78 Salem St, Boston, MA 02113, United States Phone Number: +1 617-367-6500 Website: Store Hours: Sunday: 11:30AM-10PM | Monday: 11:30AM-10PM | Tuesday: 11:30AM-10PM | Wednesday: 11:30AM-10PM | Thursday: 11:30AM-10PM | Friday: 11:30AM-11PM | Saturday: 11:30AM-11PM

Thai Basil – Boston

Thai Basil Description: Traditional fare in a no-frills setting. Big portions and an affordable menu attract patrons to this bare-bones spot for classic Thai eats. Address: 132 Newbury St ste B, Boston, MA 02116, United States Phone Number: +1 617-578-0089 Website: Store Hours: Sunday: 12-9PM | Monday: 11AM-3PM, 4-9PM | Tuesday: 11AM-3PM, 4-9PM | Wednesday: 11AM-3PM, 4-9PM | Thursday: 11AM-3PM, 4-9PM | Friday: 11AM-3PM, 4-10PM | Saturday: 12-10PM

China Sea Restaurant – Boston

China Sea Restaurant Description: No-frills choice for Chinese standards. Straightforward Chinese restaurant offering familiar dishes & some vegetarian options. Address: 1202 Blue Hill Avenue #1819, Boston, MA 02126, United States Phone Number: +1 617-298-2421 Website: Store Hours: Sunday: 4PM-12AM | Monday: 4PM-12:30AM | Tuesday: 4PM-12:30AM | Wednesday: 4PM-12:30AM | Thursday: 4PM-12:30AM | Friday: 4PM-12:30AM | Saturday: 4PM-12:30AM

Golden Chef – Boston

Golden Chef Description: . Address: 1495 Dorchester Ave, Boston, MA 02122, United States Phone Number: +1 617-288-1688 Website: Store Hours: Sunday: 12-9:15PM | Monday: 11AM-9:15PM | Tuesday: 11AM-9:15PM | Wednesday: 11AM-9:15PM | Thursday: 11AM-9:15PM | Friday: 11AM-10:15PM | Saturday: 11AM-10:15PM

JP Kitchen – Boston

JP Kitchen Description: Mandarin & Sichuan Chinese restaurant. A massive menu of Mandarin & Sichuan Chinese cooking & lunch specials served in a traditional space. Address: 3510 Washington St, Boston, MA 02130, United States Phone Number: +1 617-524-6888 Website: Store Hours: Sunday: 11:30AM-10PM | Monday: 11AM-10PM | Tuesday: 11AM-10PM | Wednesday: 11AM-10PM | Thursday: 11AM-10PM | Friday: 11AM-11PM | Saturday: 11:30AM-11PM

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