Best Chinese Restaurants in Dallas

Looking for the best Chinese Restaurants Dallas to eat at? Great! Top Chinese Spots is the go to resource for eating in Dallas. On top of that, we’ve already done all the hard work for you. That includes filtering through the noise to provide you only the best Chinese Restaurants in Dallas.

So how does this work?

We pick our top choices based on the quality of the food, service, and consistency over time. We’ll start off by giving you the best options overall for dining in Dallas and then follow up with links to different types of restaurants in different neighborhoods at the end of this page.

Best Chinese Restaurants Dallas


Tian Li Min Dim Sum – Dallas

Tian Li Min Dim Sum Description: . Address: 18101 Preston Rd #106, Dallas, TX 75252, United States Phone Number: +1 972-733-7777 Website: Store Hours: Sunday: 10AM-3:30PM, 5-9PM | Monday: 11AM-3PM, 5-9PM | Tuesday: Closed | Wednesday: 11AM-3PM, 5-9PM | Thursday: 11AM-3PM, 5-9PM | Friday: 11AM-3PM, 5-9PM | Saturday: 10AM-3:30PM, 5-9PM

King Jjamppong (짬뽕) – Dallas

King Jjamppong (짬뽕) Description: . Address: 2216 Royal Ln #119, Dallas, TX 75229, United States Phone Number: +1 469-248-2356 Website: Store Hours: Sunday: Closed | Monday: 11AM-3PM, 4-8PM | Tuesday: 11AM-3PM, 4-8PM | Wednesday: 11AM-3PM, 4-8PM | Thursday: 11AM-3PM, 4-8PM | Friday: 11AM-3PM, 4-8PM | Saturday: Closed

Panda Express – Dallas

Panda Express Description: Simple Chinese fast-food chain. Fast-food chain for Chinese standards, including some health-conscious options. Address: 8950 E R L Thornton Fwy, Dallas, TX 75228, United States Phone Number: +1 214-321-8888 Website: Store Hours: Sunday: 10:30AM-9PM | Monday: 10:30AM-9PM | Tuesday: 10:30AM-9PM | Wednesday: 10:30AM-9PM | Thursday: 10:30AM-9PM | Friday: 10:30AM-9PM | Saturday: 10:30AM-9PM

New Wok Express – Dallas

New Wok Express Description: . Address: 1212 Buckner Blvd, Dallas, TX 75217, United States Phone Number: +1 214-398-2889 Website: Store Hours: Sunday: 11AM-10PM | Monday: 10:30AM-10PM | Tuesday: 10:30AM-10PM | Wednesday: 10:30AM-10PM | Thursday: 10:30AM-10PM | Friday: 10:30AM-11PM | Saturday: 10:30AM-11PM

Panda Express – Dallas

Panda Express Description: Simple Chinese fast-food chain. Fast-food chain for Chinese standards, including some health-conscious options. Address: 270 Oak Park Dr, Dallas, TX 75232, United States Phone Number: +1 214-281-8099 Website: Store Hours: Sunday: 10:30AM-9:30PM | Monday: 10:30AM-9:30PM | Tuesday: 10:30AM-9:30PM | Wednesday: 10:30AM-9:30PM | Thursday: 10:30AM-9:30PM | Friday: 10:30AM-10PM | Saturday: 10:30AM-10PM

Skillman Wok – Dallas

Skillman Wok Description: Strip-mall stop for Chinese standards. Strip-mall branch of a local chain cooking familiar Chinese dishes, with takeout & delivery options. Address: 9780 Lyndon B Johnson Fwy #104, Dallas, TX 75243, United States Phone Number: +1 214-553-5454 Website: Store Hours: Sunday: 11AM-9:45PM | Monday: Closed | Tuesday: 11AM-9:45PM | Wednesday: 11AM-9:45PM | Thursday: 11AM-9:45PM | Friday: 11AM-10:15PM | Saturday: 11AM-10:15PM

Hiep Phong BBQ – Dallas

Hiep Phong BBQ Description: . Address: 10560 Walnut St #1100, Dallas, TX 75243, United States Phone Number: +1 972-276-9300 Website: Store Hours: Sunday: 9AM-7:30PM | Monday: Closed | Tuesday: 9:30AM-7:30PM | Wednesday: 9:30AM-7:30PM | Thursday: 9:30AM-7:30PM | Friday: 9:30AM-7:30PM | Saturday: 9AM-7:30PM

Pei Wei Asian Kitchen – Dallas

Pei Wei Asian Kitchen Description: Health-minded, casual Pan-Asian chain. Counter-serve Pan-Asian chain for health-conscious noodle & rice dishes & more. Address: 9540 Garland Rd, Dallas, TX 75218, United States Phone Number: +1 214-324-0020 Website: Store Hours: Sunday: 11AM-8PM | Monday: 11AM-8PM | Tuesday: 11AM-8PM | Wednesday: 11AM-8PM | Thursday: 11AM-8PM | Friday: 11AM-8:30PM | Saturday: 11AM-8:30PM

Wei Tasty Asian – Dallas

Wei Tasty Asian Description: . Address: 6160 Belt Line Rd, Dallas, TX 75254, United States Phone Number: +1 469-206-3510 Website: Store Hours: Sunday: 11AM-9:30PM | Monday: 11AM-9:30PM | Tuesday: 11AM-9:30PM | Wednesday: 11AM-9:30PM | Thursday: 11AM-9:30PM | Friday: 11AM-9:30PM | Saturday: 11AM-9:30PM

Genghis Grill – Dallas

Genghis Grill Description: Create-your-own Mongolian stir-fry chain. Colorful chain with a large variety of ingredients for build-your-own Mongolian stir-fry bowls. Address: 5500 Greenville Ave Suite 402, Dallas, TX 75206, United States Phone Number: +1 214-987-3330 Website: Store Hours: Sunday: 11AM-10PM | Monday: 11AM-10PM | Tuesday: 11AM-10PM | Wednesday: 11AM-10PM | Thursday: 11AM-10PM | Friday: 11AM-11PM | Saturday: 11AM-11PM

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