10 water-filled foods that will keep your body hydrated


Cucumbers are composed of about 95% water, making them an excellent hydrating snack.


Watermelon is not only delicious but also hydrating, with a water content of around 92%. Enjoy it as a snack, in smoothies, or as part of a fruit salad.


Strawberries are packed with water, containing approximately 91% water content. Enjoy them fresh as a snack, in smoothies.


Lettuce varieties like iceberg and romaine lettuce have high water content, around 95%. Use them as a base for salads or as wraps for sandwiches and tacos.


Zucchini has a high water content of approximately 95%, making it a hydrating addition to meals.


Enjoy it as a snack with hummus or peanut butter, or add it to soups and salads for extra crunch and hydration.


Oranges are not only rich in vitamin C but also have a water content of around 87%. Enjoy them as a snack or freshly squeezed.

Bell Peppers:

Bell peppers have a high water content, ranging from 92% to 94%. Enjoy them raw in salads, sliced as a crunchy snack.


Grapefruit is another hydrating citrus fruit, with a water content of approximately 88%.


omatoes are not only juicy and flavorful but also hydrating, with a water content of around 94%. Enjoy them sliced in salads.