7 Better Than Takeout Noodle Dishes

Rice noodles and finely sliced beef are cooked in a spicy broth in under 30 minutes.With lime and coriander to cut through the thick soup, this is a quick lunch or dinner without sacrificing flavor.

Soup Of Beef Noodles

Pad Thai is easy to make at home and perfect for a big bowl of comfort.

Prawn-Chicken Pad Thai

Many people now eat noodle bowls for lunch. This fast-to-make supper is fresh and tasty.

Salmon Noodle Bowl

This meal offers lots of flavor from crispy chicken katsu strips and smooth udon noodles. The miso sauce contains nutty sesame seeds, salty soy, miso, and a little mirin for acidity.

Chicken Katsu Noodles

Noodle soup is the best on a cold day, and this prawn laksa is ready in 15 minutes. The chili and red curry paste spice is balanced by the creamy coconut foundation.

Rice-Noodle Prawn Laksa

This salad pairs pungent garlic and ginger, earthy buckwheat noodles, and zingy dressing for a quick lunch or dinner.

Noodle Salad With Veggies

Chicken chow mein is usually a hit, and shredded leftover chicken may speed it up. Skip the takeout and make it at home—it'll be cheaper and tastier.

Chicken Chow Mein

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