7 Fake Healthy Eating Tips To Avoid

Hormones and their effects on the skin's sebaceous glands create acne, not nutrition.

Cocoa Causes Spots

You can chew xylitol gum without ingesting it and it's beneficial for your teeth. Gum doesn't digest; it travels through your digestive tract like other meals.

Chewing Gum

Scientists initially miscalculated spinach's iron content. Still, cooked spinach provides 10% of the daily requirement in 90g (3.1oz) servings.

Top Iron Source: Spinach

Tea, coffee, soft drinks, juices, and high-water meals like fruit and vegetables help hydrate you.

Only Water Properly Hydrates

Parents, given the evidence of children bouncing off walls at parties, this one seems to be accurate. The assumption that sugar causes hyperactivity was long disproven.

Sugar Increases Hyperactivity In Kids

A comprehensive research found that vitamin C supplementation doesn't prevent colds for most people. However, marathon runners, who exercise intensely and lower their immune function, may benefit.

Vitamin C Prevents Colds

If exposed to sunlight, mushrooms contain vitamin D in high concentrations. Some are UV-treated. If not, leave them gill-side up near a sunny window for an hour before eating.

Vitamin D Is Not Found In Plants

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