McDonald's Holiday Pie Is Back at Nationwide Locations

We love the holidays. McDonald's is too, since its Christmas pie is returning.

Each year, the fast-food company enhances its Christmas offerings. McDonald's announced a 12-day partnership with Mariah Carey for last

year's big reveal, according to their press release. Customers are eagerly expecting the brand's 2022 winter offerings.

Fans have seen McDonald's Christmas pie at some locations, but it will be available statewide in early December, according to Chew Boom. A

creamy vanilla custard is topped with rainbow sprinkles atop a flaky, buttery crust coated with sugar. Despite this lengthy explanation, many compare its taste to apple pie.

Twitter followers have a lot of thoughts on this dish, which appears every year and is typical for the season.

One user tweeted that he bought two holiday pies that were "extremely off" and "did not taste the same as usual." The internet is divided on the pie.

Despite critics calling the dessert "overrated," many McDonald's lovers are excited to try it.

One Twitter user quipped, "Tis the season to start calling every McDonald's near me to see if they have holiday pies," while another said it was "good."

McDonald's holiday pies are great. Not all of my opinions are cool and decolonial.

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