One of the Largest Burger King Franchisees in the U.S. Shutters 

Burger King lovers in the Midwest may have a harder time having it "their way" after a number of shops closed in one city.

At least six Burger King outlets in Dayton, Ohio, have closed, according to door signage. Shuttered stores are at:

7151 Hoke Road, 4465 Clyo Road, 1401 N. Keowee Street, 1420 Cincinnati Street, 60 S. Broad Street, 352 E. National Road, various locations.

The announcement comes weeks after another Burger King in Washington Twp., 9189 Dayton-Lebanon Pike, closed abruptly.

Signs on shuttered Burger King restaurants suggest nearby places consumers can visit.

The Fairborn and Clayton locations wrongly recommend visitors try their luck at the closed Vandalia branch.

franchisees, TOMS King (Ohio) LLC, owns all closed restaurants. The reasons are unknown.

TOMS King, founded in 2012, has 90 Burger King outlets in Ohio, North Carolina, Illinois, Virginia, and Illinois.

TOMS King CEO Matt Carpenter told The Dayton Daily News in 2018 that TOMS King was a top North American Burger King franchisee.

After falling behind Wendy's and Chick-fil-A in sales for years, Burger King is showing indications of a turnaround.

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