Southwest Airlines reducing minimum requirements for pilots

According to recent reports, Southwest Airlines is cutting the minimum number of hours required for prospective pilots to have logged

The airline previously required applicants to have spent at least 1,000 hours flying such aircraft; however, according to a report

published on Saturday in The Wall Street Journal, the company will now consider people with less expertise with this kind of experience. 

According to the publication, the modification will take effect on February 7, citing a communication that was delivered to pilots earlier this week. 

According to the research, the airline has seen that there has been an increased need for highly skilled pilots throughout the industry.

Southwest Airlines informed FOX Business in an emailed statement that it had surpassed its recruiting goal for the year 2022 and was well on its way

"Our robust and rigorous flight operations training program has not changed, and all current and future first officer candidates

must pass all elements of the curriculum prior to flying for Southwest," a spokesperson for Southwest. "As this recruiting

change is aligned with hiring at or above FAA requirements, we’ll continue selecting competitively-qualified, world-class aviators

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