Spring Backyard Preparation Tips


List your desires. Set a budget if you want to develop your backyard rather than just clean it.


Draw your garden and plans on a large piece of paper. Perhaps you want a barbecue and table and chairs. Designing it gives you a clear picture for the hard labor.

Get Outside

Remove all debris outside. The ground will be muddy from winter leaves and humidity. Clean it with a broom or hose. If your yard is grass, rake.

Drop To Your Knees

Naturally, you must undertake dirty work. Put on gloves and remove all weeds and stones from your backyard.

Keep Debris

Take an old bin or large pot with a lid. Put your garbage and worms in. You can also add kitchen leftovers like veggies and fruits.


Check shrubs for bare spots that need reseeding. Purchase seeds or seedlings to fill the area. Having consistent bushes makes your garden look neater.


To keep your garden in shape during the heat, make sure you have a watering can, hose, and irrigation system.

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