The 8 Healthiest Morning Meals

Bright, creamy avocado makes a substantial breakfast. It contains monounsaturated fat, vitamin E, more soluble fiber than other fruits, iron, potassium, and folate.

Toast With Avocado

Make your own cereal for the week in minutes, adding what you prefer and avoiding the added sugar in many store-bought types.

Homemade Muesli

Porridge makes a healthy, adaptable breakfast at home or work and is cheap, fast, and filling. A few twists and delectable add-ins can make it tasty and healthful.


We adore overnight oats for a quick, nutritious breakfast. Leave a glass jar of oats and fruit in the fridge overnight to make creamy, smooth oats for work or a quick breakfast.

Overnight Oats

Eggs include proteins, vitamins, minerals, and vital fatty acids and are cheap and adaptable. Mix them with veggies, herbs, salmon, or cheese in an omelette.


Smoothies are a wonderful morning vitamin C source. If you like fruity smoothies, try our vegan strawberry or tart raspberry & apple.


Small but powerful, chia seeds are nutritious. These plants are rich in protein, omega-3 fatty acids, fiber, calcium, and magnesium.

Chia Pudding

Steaming scrambled eggs with basil, spinach, and tomatoes boosts breakfast. Tomatoes contain vitamins and spinach has nutrients for skin, hair, and bone health. Protein-rich eggs fill you up in the morning.

Scrambled Eggs

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