Top 7 Reasons To Foster Pets

If you can house a pet until it finds its forever home, you may save its life. You also make room for another needy animal.

Saving Lives

Accepting an animal into your house is a big decision. Huge duty. Most dogs live at least a decade, cats longer.

Temporary Commitment

Not all foster cases entail neglect or abuse. Pet owners who cannot care for their pets temporarily may need a foster home.

Helping Others

Many shelter animals have experienced trauma and need a safe place to recuperate mentally and physically.

Providing Trauma Healing

Fostering a pet goes beyond feeding, housing, and loving it. A pet in the home provides companionship and benefits humans.


Animal shelters can accommodate fostering for busy people who can't commit to long-term pet ownership.


Fostering lets you test breeds by having one stay for a short time to see how well you get along.


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